Reflection #2

This week’s learning experiences in my Web Business Creation class have helped me to see how important it is to stick with our own opinions and not lean a different way because it may be easier. The discussion board assignment asked the class to either agree or disagree with a statement from a previous student based upon research that we had done on two topics. The majority of the class agreed; maybe because they actually felt that way or maybe because it was easier than writing a well-reasoned argument. Regardless of their reasoning, I felt the need to stand my ground. This is the second time in only three weeks that I have seen this happen. The class agrees with the statement from a previous student even though the readings and common sense point another way. I know that I can be wrong and I am in no way stating that only my opinion is the only one that should be considered. However, I am writing this as my reflection because I believe in the power of conflict in a learning environment. I believe that it fosters creative thinking. Conflict forces people out of their comfort zones and I wish that the students in this class would be more open to discussing the pros and cons of different topics.

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