Reflection #11

This week in my Web Business Creation class we focused a lot on social media and how it can impact a business. The readings talked about why social media is important, how to use it to advertise a business, and how to start a successful campaign. For one of my assignments I took a deep dive into a social media platform that I thought would be beneficial to what my business offers. I chose Pinterest because it is a visual search engine and I hope to build more visual content for Avenue B.

This week’s assignment has really helped me brainstorm different ideas to improve my website. It also helped me to set some goals and expand on what kind of content I would like to put out in the near future. If everything goes as planned, I will be soon be adding makeup tutorial videos and a blog reviewing makeup products and techniques. I am very excited about the prospect of working on these projects and I hope that I they will be successful in attracting more visitors to my site.

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