Reflection #1

As I have completed the course work for this week I have been contemplating how it relates to my own small business. I enjoyed learning about the different business models and plan to implement the manufacturer model to increase organization within my business. I run a freelance makeup artistry business in the Southeastern Idaho and Northern Utah areas. I am still in the startup phase and mostly rely on family, friends, and friends of friends for business. However, I have recently made some deals with local photographers. I am excited to grow my clientele but everything has been put on hold due to the Corona Virus outbreak. I would like to take this time in quarantine to improve my outreach by increasing my professionalism. This will include creating a professional looking website that highlights my portfolio. I also plan on utilizing this time to develop social media accounts. I am hopeful that this web business creation course will provide the information that I need to improve these aspects of my business.

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